When do you start the picking season?  Every year is different. But start checking for updates on picking by the end of June / beginning of July.

What is the price for the Strawberries? Do I need to bring my own pail? $4.00/lb.  People can bring their own pails to pick into (please have them weighed first) (and if you have saved flats from previous years, you can pick into your own flats), otherwise you can purchase flats from us to pick into ($1/flat)

What are your picking hours/days? These vary depending on nature.  We will update our Berry Hotline (218*389*6265) and Facebook page as we determine the next picking times.

Do I have to make a reservation or do I just show up? We do not do reservations. Please come during a scheduled picking time, but definitely call the Berry Hotline before you head out in case we close earlier than expected (which happens for multiple reasons).

Do you offer pre-picked berries? We do not offer pre-picked berries. We just don't have enough workers to offer that service.  We do have First Row picking so you don't have to walk into the fields. We will be happy to accommodate you in any way to make it possible for you to pick your own berries.

If I heap my berries in the pail will you not notice and I will get a really good deal? Nope, we charge by the pound not the container.  Try not to heap the strawberries...they tend to roll off and land on the ground where someone that is not looking crushes them with their shoe before they can be picked up.  (Now two people feel bad).

How will I know when the opening day is? We have a Facebook page that will have information on picking times.  Find us here at Spectrum Farm Strawberries .  Also, you can call 218-389-6265 and you can sign up for our e-mail notification here.

How can I pay for the strawberries? We can accept cash or check.  No credit cards.

Where are you located?  We are at 2332 County Road 4  Carlton MN 55718.  This is the same location as the Finke's Strawberry Farm.

Will we be sleeping in a tent near the strawberry fields several days before opening day to keep the deer and anything else from eating the nearly ripe strawberries? YES!

Will we pick if it is raining? This is a more difficult question than one would think.  It may be raining where you are but sunny and perfect where we are.  It also may be the reverse situation.  It may have rained over night and the picking is fine OR the fields are so muddy you would not want to set foot into the field. So.....check the Facebook page or call first if you have any doubt.  We will not pick if there is lightening and/or pouring rain.

What happens if we run out of strawberries to pick on any given day? We have to wait for more to ripen.  It will take several days.  Sorry! (but, they are worth the wait!!)

What if I came from a really long way and when I arrive there are no more strawberries to pick? We are REALLY SORRY when this happens. We appreciate your support of our farm, and your understanding that we can't control how many strawberries ripen and how many people show up. BUT, maybe you would want to come over to the other part of our farm and look at our cute animals so it wasn't a total bust?

I took a bunch of cute picture of my children picking strawberries and I was wondering if I could post them. Yes, please do! We would love it if the word "Spectrum Farm Strawberries" was also prominently featured in the photo as well.  You can always post it to our Facebook page!

You don't seem to have as many berries as the Finke's used to....  What's going on with that? Very perceptive.  We did not purchase all of the land that Finke's used to farm.  Each year we are able to get a few more acres ready to produce strawberries - but we will never have as many acres of strawberries as Finke's did.  However, we do strive to have the quality, delicious strawberries that you have come to depend on.